Window Safety: Playing it Safe with Window Guards

As we approach the spring season, and the weather begins to get warmer, more and more families will begin to keep their windows open to allow in fresh air and reduce their electricity bill. However, increased opportunities for opening windows means the increased risk of falls or injury.

Luckily, window guards can be installed to your windows, which dramatically reduce the chance of injury occurring as a result of open windows. Here, the Window & Door manufacturers, installers and suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors explain how window guards work as well as best practices you can implement into your home to prevents window injuries or falls.

What are Window Guards?

Window guards are secure protections that insert into the sides of the window frame and come in sizes that fit a variety of window types. Window guards should also be used along with window stops, which prevent the window from opening more than a certain amount. Window guards can be highly effective in preventing falls, as small children are unable to climb through or over securely installed window guards. Window guards, blocks and other installable window safety devices can take stress and worry away from parents who are concerned about their children being endangered by open windows, especially for homes with multiple stories.

What are Other Ways Individuals can Practice Window Safety?

In addition to installing window guards, there are some best practices you can incorporate into your home to ensure there is little risk of falls or injury associated with your windows. Some practices you can implement include:

  • Do not rely on a window screen as a safety mechanism. Screens are not strong enough to hold back the weight of an individual, so it is important to make sure your children understand that a window screen does not equal adequate protection from falls.
  • Keep beds, cribs, changing tables and toys away from the windows, as this will prevent babies and young children from trying to open up or get out of the window.
  • Keep windows locked when you are not using them for ventilation purposes.
  • Make sure your children are under supervision when they are playing in a room with open windows.
  • If you have a double-hung window, consider only opening the top sash of the window instead of the bottom sash.

The Window Suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors Want the Most For Your Family

Here at Acadia Windows & Doors, we “Never Settle” when it comes to prioritizing the safety of the families and property owners that utilize our services, and that is why it is imperative to implement these important safety tips when opening your windows in a home with small children. For more information on how window guards can be a smart and effective solution for your window safety concerns, contact the windows manufacturers and suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors today!