Springtime Window Maintenance

We are welcoming springtime with open arms, but spring weather also means modifying your window maintenance routine for increased energy savings and clean windows. Here, the Window & Door manufacturers at Acadia Windows & Doors offer some tips and tricks for adapting your home maintenance routine to suit the shifting seasons.

Open Your Windows to Save Money in Energy Costs

The cool, clean spring air is perfect for freshening the air in your home and reducing energy costs, as you can trade your air conditioning or heating for the naturally temperate April weather. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars during the cool spring months by opening their windows and shutting down their heating and cooling systems, and we suggest you do the same to reduce energy costs while being environmentally conscious. Also be sure that window screens are secure and avoid leaving windows open while you are not home to avoid safety hazards.

Clean Pollen and Water Spots Off of Your Windows

April showers bring May flowers, but they also tend to stain your windows with water spots from excessive rainfall. In addition, pollen can stick to your window glass and create an unwanted film that makes it difficult to see. By cleaning your window glass and removing pollen, dust and water marks, you can maintain crystal clear glass while also extending the life of your windows. Regular window glass maintenance, especially during the spring season, can have a significant impact on the preservation of your windows.

The window specialists at Acadia Windows & Doors suggest cleaning your exterior window glass with a quality window cleaner or homemade mixture of vinegar and water. You can also wipe down your window glass with a cleaning brush, washcloth or paper towel, and it is suggested to clean your window glass during a time of day where the sun is not going to beat down on your windows and cause the cleaning fluid to dry too quickly, which can create streaks.

Clean and Maintain Your Window Screens

As the weather warms, there is an increase of dust, dirt, pollen and bugs that can get trapped in your window screen. By removing your window screen and cleaning out the trappings, you can restore the view from your window and prevent an accumulation of debris from clogging your screen and entering your home.

Cleaning your window screens is easy and quick. Simply remove the screen from your window and loosen the debris with a toothbrush, non-abrasive brush or cloth. Then, run the screen under warm water to remove any dirt and dust that remains. After your window screen is properly cleaned and dried, return the window screen to its proper place to enjoy your open windows without the worry that pesky bugs or pollen may enter your home.

Upgrade Your Exterior With New Windows From Acadia Windows & Doors

Home maintenance and updates are at an all-time high during the spring season, and we suggest window maintenance make it to your list of spring cleaning tasks. There is no better time for window upkeep than now, and upgrading your exterior by replacing your outdated windows will help you save money in energy costs and take your curb appeal to the next level as we approach the summertime. For more information on spring cleaning window upkeep, and springtime window replacement opportunities, contact the Window & Door suppliers, manufacturers and installers at Acadia Windows & Doors today.