The Importance of Curb Appeal

Flags, flower gardens, and a freshly mowed lawn are eye-catching details you can incorporate in your property’s exterior if you want to be noticed by potential renters—but, how important are these minor touches compared to the essential features of your building, like Windows & Doors? While a manicured lawn may attract positive attention to your property, upgraded Windows & Doors will help your establishment truly stand out from the rest. Here, the window suppliers, installers and manufacturers at Acadia Windows & Doors discuss the importance of curb appeal when attracting potential renters to your multi-family housing complex.

Replacing Windows & Doors is an Economical Way to Make Lasting Change

While more funds may have to be spent upfront to invest in the upgrade of your outdated Windows & Doors, the economic benefits are twofold: with new Windows & Doors, a significant amount of money can be saved in reduced heating and cooling bills and an upgraded curb appeal will allow you to lease more apartments to interested customers. If your windows fail to fully open or close, are susceptible to drafts or interior condensation and ice buildup, you could be wasting an excessive amount of money in heating and cooling bills that could be saved with upgraded windows. In addition, window frames that are warped, cracked or rotted will not only cost you money in energy bills but will repel potential renters. Windows that allow in cold, uncomfortable drafts, make loud whistling sounds due to wind or otherwise fail to seal and secure your building will be a nuisance to current renters and reduce the tenant’s level of comfort.

The same concepts apply to the look and function of doors. Doors that are outdated, stained or warped will prove distasteful to prospective renters, and doors with cracks or excessive space between the door and the floor will allow heat or air conditioning to escape. Ultimately, replacing your outdated doors and windows will prove beneficial in an aesthetic and economical way.

Windows & Doors Can be Modified to Fit Your Building’s Look

Most property owners have a specific style they seek to uphold in their building’s exterior, and aesthetic is an important aspect in attracting individuals who seek a home that exudes their style. Therefore, it is essential that curb appeal is a priority for your establishment.

Today, the options offered in the window market have expanded immensely, and windows can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Many of these windows can be further modified and personalized with a variety of colors or trims. Picking a window, not merely based on functionality, but curb appeal as well, will ensure that potential renters are impressed with your building’s exterior. The same concept applies to your doors. A new door that functions properly will not only keep your building properly protected, but will tie together the look of your property’s exterior as well. Installing doors that insulate properly and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye are essential for your property’s curb appeal.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Acadia Windows & Doors

The window suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors understand the importance of curb appeal as it concerns increasing your list of prospective renters and impressing your community. While minor tendings to your exterior and yard can help attract searching renters, upgrading your establishment with attractive and contemporary Windows & Doors can help complete your building’s aesthetic, attract more potential renters and help save you money in wasted energy costs. If you are a homeowner interested in upgrading the windows and doors of your residential home, or if you are a landlord looking to give your apartment building a fresh look, contact the Window Suppliers at Acadia Windows & Doors today.