From conception to completion, Acadia works with you every step of the way to custom design, manufacture, and install highly rated vinyl windows and doors for your home.


Since 1947, Acadia has been producing, manufacturing, and selling Windows & Doors in Rosedale, Maryland. Acadia Residential takes the very same products that have been strengthened and built to extraordinary standards for multi-family housing and made them available to the individual homeowners in Maryland and surrounding states. We use high-tech, “Green” manufacturing techniques to create energy-efficient, low-maintenance products. Acadia Windows & Doors are time-tested and proven to reduce energy costs while withstanding assaults from moisture, heat, cold, humidity, salt, pollutants and acid rain; never flaking, blistering, sticking, rotting, rusting, peeling or corroding.


We only use one team of factory-trained and approved contractors that work solely with Acadia products. Our contractors are punctual, neat, and knowledgeable. This consistency ensures expert installation and unparalleled customer service. Acadia Residential is a lead certified firm prepared to safely handle lead installations.


All Acadia Residential Products come with an industry-leading Limited Life-Time Warranty. The “Legendary Performance” of our Windows & Doors is evident in our service department, or we should say single service employee. You read that right. With millions of products installed, Acadia only has one service employee.


Acadia Residential offers 18 months no interest to qualified applicants. Contact us to learn more about our financing options.


"Acadia was very professional, timely, and the end product was better than I thought it would"

- Matthew B. 8/23/16

"Installers went out of their way to reinstall the window blinds after the window installation."

- Bob W. 7/19/16

"Just a short note to tell you how very pleased I am with the new windows installed yesterday. The windows themselves are exactly what I wanted (and needed) and I have to let you know that the installers were absolutely great! They were polite, professional, efficient, and all around good workers and nice men. I can't believe they installed all the windows in just 3 hours. I would certainly recommend them (and Acadia) to anyone that would be interested."

- Lynn Holmes 3/16/18

"Acadia Residential was prompt and professional, and I'm very happy with the finished product!"

- Theresa L. 7/9/16

"Excellent service and great windows! Will recommend highly! Wendy and Rick are very professional and easy to deal with."

- Suzette E. 7/7/16

"Why didn't we this 10 years ago?? Because it took us that long to find Acadia and we insist our friends not make the same mistake. Local and affordable, we were afraid we were going to have to sacrifice one of those but with Acadia, we didn't have to. Rick made the sales process easy for us and even opened the shop up on a Saturday so we could have a look at the windows before we purchased. We are so happy with the quality of our windows and our installers, Matt & Adam were awesome. Thank you Acadia!!!"

- Richard H. 7/30/16

"We moved into our mid-century brick colonial in the fall, when the weather was nice and energy bills were low. Through that first winter, our energy bills crept up, month over month. Then, during that first summer in the house, with months of energy bills higher than our car payments, we knew we needed to replace our windows. We took the opportunity to replace the windows in connection with with an addition we put on the house, and used Acadia for both the new and old windows. Even with adding an extra 1,000 square feet to the house, our energy bill for July was less than one-third the amount it was the year before. We can only attribute this to our new, energy efficient Acadia windows."


- Lauren T. 1/29/18

"My husband I would like Acadia Windows to know that we were truly satisfied with our experience in fixing our windows. We moved into our house and noticed several screens did not fit properly. (We were not the first owners.) We attempted to solve this on our own but required the assistance of a technician from Acadia Windows. On his first visit, the technician made sure to show us how to remove and replace our windows. When he returned with a fixed screen and clips that were missing from our other windows, the technician arrived early. My husband and I both work full time and have strict schedules. We are very grateful that Acadia Windows would make an early morning appointment for us and that the technician arrived on time (early, in fact). This made our experience much less stressful as we did not have to use our limited leave to stay home for this service call. We would recommend Acadia Windows to others based on our experience."

- Jennifer S. 3/9/18

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