An Overview of Common Window Types

All windows serve the purpose of allowing natural light into your home, and most allow for ventilation, but beyond these two basic factors, windows can vary greatly in size, style, depth and airflow. Understanding the different types of windows available can help you decide what type of style is best for your home. Here, the window professionals at Acadia Residential Windows and Doors explain the different types of windows commonly installed in American homes.

Casement Windows

A casement window opens outward, instead of up and down, and connects to the frame with side hinges. Casements are a contemporary style that are more common in newer homes, especially those in the Western United States. They allow in more light and provide a larger view of the outdoors, and can be a wonderful choice in areas where windows are difficult to reach, such as over the kitchen sink.  

Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar in design to casement windows, however they are more wide than they are tall and open out by pivoting from the top of the window sash. They are typically operated using a crank  and, because they open outwards, it is not recommended to place them in areas where there is heavy foot traffic outside, as the open window may impede movement. Awning windows may often be placed over a door or over and below other windows in order to provide additional ventilation or light. These types of windows pair well with traditional, double-hung windows.

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung and single-hung windows are by far the most common types of windows in American homes, especially older homes on the East Coast. A single-hung window has a moveable lower sash and a fixed upper sash, and double-hung windows have two moveable sashes—the upper sash slides up and down to open. Double-hung windows can provide better ventilation than single-hung windows and also come in larger widths, up to 45 inches, which make them a great alternative to two smaller casement windows.  

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows consist of several windows joined together. The style of these windows help to create angles and projection on a home, creating a more interesting architectural design. They also allow light to enter from different angles, and the side windows can often be opened for more airflow, with a fixed window in the center that cannot be opened.

Bow windows consist of four or more casement windows that are joined together to form a curve. These windows can be fixed, which cannot be opened; vented, which can be opened; or a combination of both.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows cannot be opened, so they do not provide ventilation, but they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of spaces within the home. This style of window can also be combined with vented windows for endless combinations.

Circlehead Windows

Circlehead windows are designed to fit perfectly over the top of other windows or doors. They cannot open, but they make a great accent for other features of the home and can even be used on their own.

Picture Windows

Picture windows typically cover a large expanse of central wallspace and do not open. They offer impressive views and lots of light, but also gain and lose a lot of heat, even with energy-efficient double pane construction. As such, it is important to carefully consider the placement of these types of windows.

Slider Windows

As per their name, slider windows slide open in a sideways motion. While they offer ample ventilation and light, they cannot seal as tightly as other windows, such as casement windows, and this makes them less energy efficient. Slider windows offer a simple construction and affordability and are typically used in basements and below-grade rooms.

The Window Specialists at Acadia Windows and Doors Can Help You Choose the Perfect Windows for Your Home

No matter your home and personal taste, there is a window style available that will perfectly meet your needs. The window specialists at Acadia Windows and Doors have been producing, manufacturing and selling windows and doors for over 70 years. Never settle for just any window—contact Acadia today to discuss the right windows for your home.