Acadia Residential awning windows are hinged at the top of the window and swing outward from the bottom to provide ventilation. Awning windows are perfect for rooms where there is not much space for other window styles.

Color  Red, White, Blue, Green
Hardware Style  

Our Residential Promise

“Never Settle”… Reaching a performance goal is just one step on the way to achieving a greater level of success. It takes continued team effort and dedication to be the best. If we become complacent with today’s accomplishments, and we do not continually push ourselves to improve, we risk losing our competitive advantage. Acadia decides to “Never Settle” in our commitment to a positive attitude and daily improvements. This dedication allows us to better serve our fellow team members and ultimately our customers.

Our Company Mission

Acadia Residential is a customer-focused company that continues to build a successful business by offering solutions that meet the performance requirements, budgets and timing required for multi-family owners, managers and residents.

Although our success can be attributed to many things--proven proprietary processes, earning customer/partnership trust, impressive vendor relationships and expert craftsmanship--we know that all those levels of performance are driven by our “Never Settle” culture that creates an attitude and environment for excellence.

Our Residential Philosophy

Know You Will Succeed… Every workday we ask our team members to make the decision to embrace the day with a positive attitude.

Believe You Will Succeed… When the majority of the Acadia Residential workforce displays a positive, can-do attitude, it becomes contagious and inspiring. That inspiration leads to highly motivated teamwork that consistently out-performs the competition and sets the standard for the industry.

We Can Deliver On Projects

Millions of Windows & Doors featuring the advanced technology of Acadia Windows & Doors™ are installed in single family homes, multi-family structures and office buildings throughout the Eastern United States and Bermuda.

When you invest in a home improvement upgrade, you need products that can both endure the demands of Mother Nature and fit your family's unique lifestyle. The simple solution? Look for the Acadia Residential label. Designed to withstand the harsh effects of any climate, Acadia Residential’s proprietary vinyl compounding, structurally engineered framing, superior glass packages and hardware ensure long lasting reliability and durability.

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