Acadia Residential Windows & Doors’ Areas of Expertise

Acadia Residential Windows & Doors is a quality fabricator of the most technologically advanced vinyl windows and doors for replacement and new construction. Our energy-efficient, low maintenance products have been time-tested and proven to reduce energy costs while withstanding assaults from moisture, heat, cold, humidity, salt, pollutants and acid rain; never flaking, blistering, sticking, rotting, rusting, peeling or corroding.


Tested to the most rigorous of standards
There is no better looking or performing window on the market today. Thoroughly tested to the most rigorous of standards, the Acadia Residential window system is a market leader — Acadia Residential offers a safe and energy-efficient window with a wide choice of total customization for your application.


Exceeding code requirements
Sliding door and swing door offer energy-efficiency and beauty with an incredible number of options for complete customization.


60 years of legendary performance
We wouldn’t have been in business for almost 60 years if we didn’t know how to take care of our customers; first by manufacturing a product right the first time so it doesn’t generate many service calls and secondly by offering expert and friendly service when it is required.

Why Choose Us

      • Recognized as a major player in the renovation and new construction window and door business in the Mid-Atlantic region and East Coast of the United States
      • High tech manufacturing equipment
      • “Green” manufacturing processes
      • Proprietary engineering
      • The “Never Settle” culture – our commitment to a positive attitude and daily improvements. A core dedication that allows us to better serve our fellow team members and ultimately our customers.

What Client’s Say

When I visited the Harrisburg Home Builders Show and Expo I went with the idea to find the lowest price for replacement windows and doors as possible. I visited several booths and was left with a “Hard Sell” negative taste. Disillusionment began to set in. Then I happened upon Acadia Windows & Doors display. I found that they are the manufacturer and only permit quality contractors to purchase and install their products. I made and appointment for them to visit my home which they did on the appointed date and time. The representative took time to explain the differences in types and qualities of windows including the competition. After this enlightening and educational presentation he reviewed my needs and within a day I had my proposal. Was Acadia the lowest price? No. Were they the best value therefore the best price? Absolutely. The install began several weeks later and was completed within three days. It’s nearly two years since I had them installed and to this date I have had not one issue or problem. The operate flawlessly and offer a secure feeling while in the house, all the while helping to reduce my energy usage considerable. Thank You Acadia!
Charles, Hershey, PA
We have toured your facility…analyzed your products…met your team…purchased your entrances and we were totally impressed every step of the way…you and your team should be very proud…
James .D Scully Jr., Scully Company