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Acadia Residential Windows & Doors Window Options

Acadia Residential Windows & Doors offers a full line of superior products designed to enhance your homes’ look from both the inside and out. The Acadia Residential product line combines incredible energy-saving properties with unparalleled longevity.  All Acadia Residential vinyl extrusions exceed the basic requirements (heat resistance, dimensional stability, impact resistance and color) set forth by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer Association), an independent laboratory with no affiliations to manufacturers or suppliers of vinyl products.


Acadia Residential awning windows are hinged at the top of the window and swing outward from the bottom to provide ventilation. Awning windows are perfect for rooms where there is not much space for other window styles.


Hopper windows open inward from the top. They’re an ideal choice for basements, garages and attics. Hoppers are great for areas with limited space that need ventilation.

Bay (inside)

Bay (outside)

Acadia Residential windows meet or exceed the highest standards for heat gain or heat loss, combining the natural insulating qualities of vinyl that reduce heat and cold transfer with fusion welded, multi-chambered vinyl extrusions and double-glazing that further insulates by trapping “still air.” Copper and other roof kits available.

Double Hung

Acadia Residential’s double hung’s feature large solid lift rails for ease of operation. Positive locking devices and a full interlock with fin style woolpile insulation makes for an extremely weather resistant window.


Combine the ability to manufacture special shapes with a variety of grid patterns and you’ll see why Acadian picture and geometric windows are energy-efficient solutions to a plethora of design questions.


Available in virtually any size or shape, Acadia Residential picture and geometric windows feature a thermal glass unit fixed in a maintenance free vinyl frame which is guaranteed not to rust, peel, chip, corrode or need painting.


An easy sliding action combined with an integral locking system brings a versatile addition to a variety of decorating and architectural styles for new construction and remodeling. Acadia Residential’s Sliding Windows have no roller tracks allowing easy movement without the worry of roller failure.


3-Lite Slider

3-Lite slider windows have three panels (or sashes) within one master frame. Acadia Residential sliding windows have no roller tracks, allowing easy movement without the worry of roller failure. Customers often choose 3-Lite sliders for the fresh air brought in from both sides of the window, as well as the extra natural light. The 3-Lite slider features aesthetically pleasing design, it is a sleek window which operates with fingertip ease and gives you maximum glass area.